Certificate of Rehabilitation – Case Review

Case Review Process: Certificate of Rehabilitation & Pardon

Our law firm has a national reputation for excellence in obtaining Certificates of Rehabilitation.When granted, they become automatic applications for a Governor’s pardon, with the judge supporting the pardon request. We’ve helped many people with difficult cases obtain Certificates of Rehabilitation Learn more about about a Certificate of Rehabilitation.

If you would like us to review your case, and provide you with a professional evaluation of your Certificate of Rehabilitation options and a solid price quote, we need to review your official California Criminal History and have you answer a few questions about your case and your life since the offense. Getting your DOJ report is like getting an X-ray before making a medical diagnosis, and it shows us what the prosecutor will see when s/he does your background check. We do not review, or accept, Certificate of Rehabilitation cases without first reviewing your DOJ report.

Obtaining Your California Criminal Record

We’ve made it easy to get your official criminal record. We will email you a special form and instructions for getting an electronic fingerprint (Livescan) in your town. You will need to pay the Livescan person approximately $35 – $45, in addition to our review fee of $95.

If you retain us after receiving your evaluation, we apply the full $95 review fee toward your fee for the Certificate of Rehabilitation.

Your electronic fingerprint is transmitted directly to the California Department of Justice. In most cases, we receive your criminal record just a few days after you complete the LiveScan. Once we receive a copy, we can usually review your record and email you a complete Certificate of Rehabilitation and Pardon evaluation within 1 business day.

To get your criminal record and your Certificate of Rehabilitation case review and price quote, just click the button below.



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Obtain a Certificate of Rehabilitation. 25+ years experience transforming lives. Get our professional record review and plan for how to get a certificate of rehabilitation.

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Great Work!

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So glad that I finally did this and *really* impressed with everyone at RGB LAW. Thank you!

My situation hung over my head for years...

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After receiving my expungement papers in the mail today, I am nothing less than awestruck by Mr. Boire’s abilities and that of Sophia and the rest of the team – thank you all !!! My situation hung over my head for many years preventing me from moving forward in my life and career. Mr. Boire was extremely honest with me at the start vis-a-vis expectations, but everything turned out so much better than either of us could have anticipated. I attribute this positive outcome entirely to Mr. Boire’s legal skills and professionalism. This was the best investment I’ve ever made and money well spent. I wish everyone at RGB and Mr. Richard Boire continued success with their truly unique and life changing legal services.

I've never known anything other than my record.

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Thank you all so much for the work you do! I’m lost for words now but I promise the right ones will come to me soon… FYI… Today I also celebrate 19 years of meeting my wife as well as her 34th birthday… What a wonderful way to end the night! Thank you again so very much!